A message from Anthony, at the end of 2019

Hi Family,

What a year! 2019 seems to have gone by very fast, so much change, so much achieved & now so much to look forward to.

2019 saw Omni start the year with 20 family members and end on around 70, I say around, as Ravi in India seems to be adding all the time – which is great.

In addition to this we opened 2019 registered in 5 countries and are going to close registered in 19, a solid effort from Stephen and his finance team in this regard.

Omni is a global start up, and as such has to be mindful to grow within its means. All we ever ask of all of you is to live to our values and remember the “entrepreneurial spirit”  value as this will ensure each and every one of you make decisions every day as if Omni is yours, which it is as family. 2020 will be our year to turn as long as:

Tomorrow isn’t another day, close the deal today!

Don’t lose a moment to ship, every delay is an issue

Manage your expenses and ensure we avoid unnecessary expenditure that could be postponed or avoided.

Stay true to our values & yourself, no matter what!

As family please always remember that we are not all perfect, and it is the acceptance of each other’s imperfections, and seeing past them to win as a family and team, that will make us thrive.

2020 is set to be a very exciting year, as it will be one filled with Omni family members driving home our values globally and striving to “create and not compete”. We are the crazy ones! We embrace our difference and want to share our youth & passion with all that will have us, whilst at all times maintaining our humility. Being driven by purpose and not product is our differentiator!

I am very proud to be a member of this family & am truly inspired every day to get out of bed and work alongside such passionate and lovely people. Thank you to all of you for your support this year, it wasn’t the easiest year for me & my family, however having all of you around us has made it possible to face the challenge and become better for it. Thank you.

Have a great Xmas season, hopefully a bit of rest – even in the countries that don’t celebrate Xmas. Come into 2020 fired up to deliver Omni to the world.