About Omni

We are the strategic partner who will provide you with a fully functional end-to-end global sourcing platform that will focus on quality, speed to market, seamless integration and cost efficiencies.

We will help you navigate the global marketplace with connectivity to over 100 retailers and 6,000 manufacturers globally. We will leverage our expertise in consumer insights, global commodities sourcing, factory relationships, and volume buying power to create cohesive consumer centric programs that drive rich consumer experiences.

The Omni Difference

We care. About you.
With us you’ll never feel like just another number on a list or order to be filled.
We’re about making connections.
And making them great.

The OMNI difference:

A Comprehensive
approach to retailers
and suppliers

In-depth cooperation
in highly transparent
commercial models

Consolidated sourcing
and compliant
supply chain

Dreaming Big

Our dream is to be the world’s largest and most respected provider of value driven FMCG Private brands off balance sheet sourcing solutions.

Wondering Why Us?

In a global retail landscape that is huge
and always changing, OMNI provides
best-in-class support, structure and security.

Retailers can rely on:

  • Risk free procurement and affordable differentiation
  • A unified business model
  • Quality assurance
  • Product innovation
  • Seamless transactions

Suppliers benefit from:

  • Network visibility
  • Retailer/customer access
  • Ongoing industry education
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Logistical support

What drives us?

Our values are our DNA and help differentiate our business by informing all of our decisions, processes and systems:

  • Family centred
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Youthful passion
  • Community philanthropy

The Omni Foundation

The Omni Foundation was developed at the very outset of the business. This is the key foundation stone on which Omni will be built.

The founders felt that it was only fitting to “pay forward” and live and work in world where communities would also benefit from Omni’s successes.

Omni’s company charter commits a percentage of global profits to the foundation each year. This will be executed in line with the family values the business subscribes to.

  • Family centred
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Youthful passion
  • Sustainable Community Initiatives