Bronwen and Dave from the Omni Durban office attended the Gullfood in Dubai

Generally the trend, as we have seen, is about the rapidly changing world, food and packaging sustainability, importance of quality and taste, plant based food and the role of private labels.

Below are some of the presentation slides that summarise important points:

The Good Food Institute in their slide on Preparing for the Change – Packaging shows us the process along the full supply chain, from the farm to post consumption. The full process goes from farm to ingredient processing, product manufacturing, distribution, consumer outlets, consumer storage, product preparation to post consumption. Reducing packaging waste practices and strategies should be implemented to ensure that awareness is created every step of the way.

  • We see a common thread throughout with some key areas showing up. In my opinion a truly exciting time to be part of a company that has at its core, real values in place.
  • Today’s shopper is interested in the story behind the products they buy.
  • People want to know HOW something is produced.
  • Added to this, we see consumers and shoppers being curious about the benefits of the product they purchase.
  • Product uniqueness is high on the priority list for consumers and they want to know if companies are investing in efforts regarding sustainability.Below are some slides from the Daymon presentation at Gullfood, highlighting the critical role Private label brands play in innovation, especially with the unique consumer needs we see nowadays as a result of demanding lives.
  • We see here that 66% of people saying that they can’t finish everything they need to in a day…
  • 5 in 10 people find that juggling family and work is very stressful
  • 44% of people eat their meals on the run. (see some of my comments further up regarding this