Global Sourcing &
Supply Chain

Seamlessly providing our clients access to world class sourcing relationships.

Our greatest attribute is our executional flexibility. We can coordinate and manage all the distinct parties, from retailer to manufacturer to shipper, while consistently doing the job well and on time.

Omni is a complete supply chain solutions partner with access to a global marketplace. We seamlessly provide our clients access to the decades of world class sourcing relationships and connections that we have established globally.

Our incomparable service excellence is delivered by a long time tenured and dedicated team of professionals who know the importance of keenly listening to our clients, and adopting their values and goals. This ability and skill set enables them to quickly move beyond the role of sourcing vendors to become a seamless extension of our clients, acting as their eyes, ears and hands on the global stage.

  • Global Sourcing
    Vendor selection, coordination of supplier audits, facilitation of cost negotiations, sourcing trip collaboration and product sample selection, planogram creation, and supplier scorecard
  • Fact Based Negotiation/ Buying
    Leveraging commodities and currency trends to create cost negotiation opportunities
  • QA Coordination & Product Testing Management
    Manage product testing process and coordinate QA
  • Supply Chain Management & Tracking
    Supply chain management, PO creation, custom code classification, order tracking, import customs documentation and reporting to ensure delivery
  • Customized Solutions Across Categories
    Ability to offer compelling customized solutions

In product sourcing, we have the formidable task of dealing with different languages, cultures, laws, and customs on a daily basis. Add this to the fact that we handle massive orders with exacting specification and tight deadlines, and you see the absolute necessity of a stringent process.

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