Hot off the press! CargoWise launched in 2019

The launch of CargoWise Phase 1 was met with great anticipation by all in the Durban office. There were moments of both enthusiasm and curiosity, blended with a touch of panic from some of us. Fortunately, Jenaine, Byron and the rest of their very proficient and industrious team, administrated this enormous project to ensure that the implementation of CargoWise was being planned meticulously.

The CargoWise platform promises to transform the integration process of finance, shipping, ordering and trading.

The implementation of this is aimed to

  • increase productivity, automation,
  • improve integration and communication within the supply chain.
  • It streamlines processes and
  • increases the visibility, efficiency and profitability of operations.

In addition to this, CargoWise reduces margins of error and is an efficient solution for simplifying the supply chain.

Hand in hand with this is the release of the 2020 Incoterms. This summarises all transport obligations, costs and risks for the buyer and seller. The use and understanding of Incoterms eliminate inconsistencies in language by giving all parties the same definition of specific terms within a trade agreement