Seamless, best-in-class, turnkey and customized import seasonal GM solutions.

Providing an end-to-end import seasonal GM solution catered to your needs and your business that will make your job easier and allow your team to focus on what matters: SELLING more SKUs.

Seasonal General Merchandise
Supply Solution Process


Product Sourcing & Importation Services

The importation process has various inputs and outputs. Among the steps is the need to communicate with the client, vendors and various third parties; compliance with trade regulations and local laws at both the point of export and import; tackling the issues of moving a product from manufacturer to the client’s warehouse door; transmitting clear and precise documents between parties; and the experience to negotiate payment terms.

Strong communication is a key component of these critical variables in the Importation process. With office locations in the US and Asia, and licensed trading staff who understand trade regulations and local laws, we are able to communicate with clients and manufactures in their respective time zones and effectively manage the “door-to-door” delivery of products.

Throughout the process, we scrutinize, revise and deliver appropriate purchase orders, shipping documents, and invoices between parties, and are able to negotiate the most favorable payment terms for our clients.

Reporting Services

Omni provides an extensive array of reports based upon your timeline. We utilize our proprietary software to provide up to the minute tracking from the time a project starts, to the time it is implemented and delivered to your DC’s. Customized reports can also be provided to suit your specific challenges.


We ship more than 3500 containers in a year. We do not sell items, we work with the customers to create seasonal programs, and we leverage our global footprint and multichannel expertise.

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