Global Sourcing

Vendor selection, coordination of supplier audits, facilitation of cost negotiations, sourcing trip collaboration and product sample selection, planogram creation, and supplier scorecard. Supply chain management, PO creation, custom code classification, order tracking, import customs documentation and reporting to ensure delivery.

Customized Solutions Across Categories:

Ability to offer compelling customized solutions. In product sourcing, we have the formidable task of dealing with different languages, cultures, laws, and customs daily. Add this to the fact that we handle massive orders with exacting specification and tight deadlines, and you see the absolute necessity of a stringent process.

How we benefit our customers:

  • End-to-End Solutions: Complete oversight and seamless program execution.
  • Customised and Exclusive Programs: Built just for our customers Import needs.
  • Consumer Led Product Development Extensive & Fully-Vetted Supplier Base: Access to quality product selection around the world.