The 100th Anuga fair offered exciting insights into the trends that is being observed.

Innova market research highlights these as follows:

  • Brands are responding by creating more engaging experiences, drawing on aspects like sensory delivery, storytelling and tastes from other cultures. The desire of consumers to gain knowledge of other cultures has contributed to a 17% average annual growth in new food and beverage launches tracked with a “discovery” claim (CAGR, Global, 2014-2018).
  • “Discovery: The Adventurous Consumer” leads the list of Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2019. Learn about this trend and other food and beverage drivers including: “The Plant Kingdom”; “Green Appeal”; and “Snacking: The Definitive Occasion.”

New and ancient ingredients will remain key in the future of food and nutrition. They help to satisfy consumers’ need for new, exotic, natural and authentic products and often have a rich nutritional profile. New ingredients will remain of utmost importance for manufacturers to innovate with new flavours and provide products with a healthy touch. While some of the superfoods and ancient grains become mainstream and the new norm (for example quinoa), others will disappear and be replaced by new discoveries. Teff, kaniwa and fonio have the potential to become the next popular ancient grains.

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